I’m absolutely delighted to announce that I’ll be releasing a new album – Fleeting Adventure – on July 29, 2022. It will be available on LP, CD and digital formats via two wonderful labels, Mistletone (AUS/NZ) and Basin Rock (EU/UK/ROW).

Fleeting Adventure is my fifth solo album, an album in which I created musical ideas loosely based around navigating the aftermaths and interregnums of a restless new decade; but also reaching towards new ideas about life, love, health, loss, and luck.

I can’t wait for everyone to hear the whole thing, but in the meantime, there’s a new ‘single’ out today – 12th April!

Overnight’s A Weekend is the first song on the album, the first song written for it, and still one of my favourites. I’m joined on it by my friends Steve Gunn (electric guitar), Joe Saxby (aka These Guy, saxophone), Michael A. Muller (of Balmorhea, electric guitar and electronics) and Aurelie Ferriere (violin).

Overnight… as with the whole album was mixed by Chuck Johnson and mastered by Lawrence English; with additional engineering by Aidan Hogg and artwork/graphic design by George Gillies.

Album pre-orders (including Overnight’s A Weekend and Correlation) are now available via both label stores, Bandcamp and through lots of great independent record stores. Overnight… also can be listened to from today, 12th April, on all the DSPs.

Check out the video for the single and some kind words from Pilerats here!

Delighted to announce that I’ve got a new song out today!

Correlation features me on banjo/electronics/ production; Chuck Johnson on pedal steel guitar/mix, and Josh Kimbrough on acoustic guitar. Mastered by Lawrence English, art design by George Gillies. Released by Mistletone (AUS/NZ) and Basin Rock (EU/UK/ROW).

Playing a couple of special shows to celebrate!

Correlation, have a listen? Bandcamp below and available everywhere you may want to listen (once the clock ticks over in your timezone for the streaming sites!)

Happy new year!

Quick one from me – here’s some cheeky news on my next album Fleeting Adventure in Uncut Magazine. Rob Hughes asked me some great questions, allowing me to delve into some of the themes, ideas and collaborating musicians. Proper announcements re: release dates etc pending, but it’ll be on LP/CD/digital via two wonderful labels – Mistletone (AUS/NZ) and Basin Rock (EU/UK/ROW). I’ll definitely do a post of love / gratitude / thanks for infinite patience for these two excellent labels and also Room40 and BSR who I’ve joyously worked in the past; but for now check out the Mistletone and Basin Rock back catalogues!

As I’ve mentioned on the socials and on my Patreon, I’m currently figuring out new ways how to perform live in 2022 and beyond. I bought a new computer a few months back and the program I’ve used live for years isn’t supported on it (which I knew about/had mentally prepared myself for) so it’s been time to learn new things! I’d been preparing myself for this for a while, but it’s still exciting/daunting. Early days still but I’ve at least set things up enough to mess around with some music! The audio soundtrack to this post is one of my first improvisations with my new live setup.

Speaking of shows, will be able to share more soon but Omicron pending I’ll be playing in Melbourne on 11th March and Gold Coast on 12th March (pencil in 6th August for a very special/long rescheduled Melbourne show, too!). I’ve also picked up a EU/UK booking agent so depending on interest/covid/travel/etc I’ll hopefully make it back to the other side of the world at some point. 

Thank you!