Andrew Tuttle


  • Andrew Tuttle: album: CD/digital (Someone Good/Room40, 2018) [forthcoming release May 25]
  • Fantasy League: album: CD/digital (Someone Good/Room40, 2016)
  • Slowcation: album: CS/digital (A Guide To Saints/Room40, 2015)

Selected EPs, singles, mixtapes et al


Selected compilations


Collaborations and guest appearances

  • Feet Teeth – Gout (independent, 2016) – synthesiser, electronics
  • Dollar Bar – Hot Ones (Sonic Masala, 2015) – guest vocals on ‘Drawbacks’
  • Bremen Town Musician – Echo Dust Is All That’s Left Of Us (Duskdarter, 2014). guitar/electronics/voice on ‘The Radio, The Disco’.
  • Feet Teeth – Aphthae Epizooticae Desonstuctions (hellosQuare, 2013). A2-D2 (Andrew Tuttle rework).
  • Big Dead – Eudaemonia (independent, 2013). Emily (Andrew Tuttle remix).


Other projects and commissions

  • Transitory Adaptations (commissioned radio piece for Resonance FM Extra, London)
  • 2015: The Cerebral City (short film score for John Moody, USA)
  • 2014: …from soapbox to Senate (commissioned performance for OtherFilm, Brisbane)
  • 2014: commissioned piece for Tilde New Music Festival, Melbourne
  • 2014: 4064, Rezoned (commissioned radio piece for FBi radio, Sydney)
  • 2013: BickLack (commissioned radio piece for 4ZZZ radio, Brisbane)
  • 2011: Ten10 (short film score and live performance with Brodie Rocca, Brisbane)
  • 2010: Mombasa Rose (‘behind the scenes’ fashion shoot).
  • 2006: EMP (DVD titles for 31 Digital program)


Selected releases (album,, EP, splits, et al)

Selected Compilations

  • Tiny Portraits, CD/digital, Flaming Pines, 2013
  • 10 – A decade of Feral Media, playbutton/digital, Feral Media, 2012
  • Woven, CD/digital, Twice Removed, 2012
  • Strain of Origin II, digital, Feral Media/Lofly, 2012
  • New Weird Australia – Volume One, digital, New Weird Australia, 2009
  • Beyond The Pale, 2xCD + book, Sideways Through Sound, 2009
  • Tomorrow & Tomorrow & Tomorrow, CD, sound&fury, 2008
  • Emergent, CD + book, Cyclic Defrost/ABC Radio National, 2006



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