Well hello, if you’re reading this! I’ve slowly been updating this site in preparation for “launching” music projects under my own name. Launching is such a weird word to describe this, but that happens.

In the last few weeks I’ve been busy with editing some new collage pieces, preparing an album for mixing, with a new job, and with watching the cricket. I’m also slowly booking an Australian tour for the middle of the year. I’ll have dates up soon/ish, and it would be great to see you at a show if you’re around.

Doing a bit of a live set tweak in the next week or so also, so fingers crossed that it will mean a bit less staring at the screen – or even a bit less mouse clicking.

Good times!

Hi there!

If you’re a first time visitor to this site, you’ll notice there isn’t a great deal here yet. Have a little look around, and check back in a few months when I will have some new audio and tour dates up.