I’m excited to share that I’ve got a new album out this week, made in full collaboration with my friends from London, Padang Food Tigers. ‘A Cassowary Apart‘ will be released Friday 12th February, as part of their ‘Private Eyes’ series. Some more info on the album below!

“As the world was closing its doors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, calendars were cleared. Amidst the confusion and apprehension of change and disorder, a silver lining of free time created opportunities and space for new musical collaborations. “A Cassowary Apart”, the debut collaborative release from Andrew Tuttle and Padang Food Tigers, is the result of such a time.

The relationship between Andrew Tuttle, Spencer Grady and Stephen Lewis of Padang Food Tigers began organically, as they had known of each other’s music before the pandemic. Tuttle jokes, “Given the size of the ambient banjo music scene, we’d been fans of each other’s music for a while. While we were chatting online, COVID hit and we decided to write a few songs.”

With other projects on hold, the album was written at respective home studios between London and Brisbane entirely over email; Andrew Tuttle and Padang Food Tigers have actually never met in person. Files were sent back and forth across different time zones, creating a collaboration that continued around the clock

“It worked really well [the time zone difference], because that way, when you woke up there was something for you…a little treat to start the day. We worked on this album on and off for about five months – or Three Thousand, Four Hundred and Fifty-Six hours.”

The influence of COVID restrictions is evident in more than just the title (appropriately inspired by the Cassowary ‘1.5 meters apart’ analogy to be found at Cairns airport in Far North Queensland, Australia). In this project, each musician primarily used the main instrumentation from their own respective projects, but the freedom of working on something new allowed the opportunity to play their preferred instruments in new ways and with new tunings. Despite working from different corners of the world, the collaboration was so intertwined that it became murky of who did what on the record. The fusing of sonics truly exemplifies the total trust and depth of their collaborative process.

“It’s made via such distance, but that’s not a big deal.. we’ve all come to terms with distance. The approach of the record is really just the sign of the times. Although it limits us, it makes certain things possible.”

Swelling synths intertwine with banjo, lap steel and field recordings, sometimes layered with such subtlety that the listener can’t quite tell where one sound ends and the next begins. Shimmering waves of decay, reverberation and processed electronics create a space that is abundant and generous, welcoming the listener into the sonic warmth of the release.

“A Cassowary Apart” is available digitally + on limited edition vinyl through Bedroom Suck Records on February 12th, 2021.”

2020, what a year. It has been a massive change and a struggle, with so many unanticipated changes from way back in January.

I’d realised that I hadn’t posted for quite a while, so am wanting to make up for it with a little end of year post. There’s really so much to have been thankful for on the music front, the level of interest and support in ‘Alexandra’ and other endeavours has been truly heartwarming. I’ll update the bio / etc sections of the site with kind words said about the album, but here my thoughts are that – the opportunity to reacquaint with old friends and warm digital acquaintances over this year and music, and chat with new musical comrades has been the best thrill of creating, planning for and sharing an album with the world.

Given that I’ve been a little forgetful with posts here, in the immediate future, I’ve got collaborations with new friends Padang Food Tigers (LP/digital on Bedroom Suck, February) and a n t i t h e s i s (digital on Outlier, December) that I’ll share a bit about in due course, plans to record and mix more of my next full-length album and to have a proper break over the summer holidays.

Until 2021!

Thank you!

Friends, both old and new!

Thank you all so much for the kind and generous attention given to Alexandra, I’m so proud of the album and delighted that it’s resonating with lots of people in this mess of a year.

I’m pretty excited to announce that there’ll be a launch event for the album as well. Whilst I am sad that the previously scheduled launches at Melbourne Recital Centre and Redland Performing Arts Centre were both understandably covid-cancelled, what’s happening instead is pretty amazing.

I’ll be belatedly launching Alexandra at the beautiful The Tivoli theatre in Brisbane on Wednesday 16 September, as part of Brisbane Festival. It’ll be a particularly special show as it is also a belated album release show for Brisbane comrade Cloud Tangle, launching her debut album Kinds Of Sadness. We’re both preparing some special audio and visual treats for our respective sets at this beautiful theatre,

Tickets are on sale 3 August, I’d love to see you there if you can make it. For those of you who live further away than down the road from my house, I’ll hopefully be able to visit as soon as things allow.