Apologies for the radio silence, have been working on some new music in amongst life and COVID-19 tour cancellations.

I’m really excited to be taking part of Bleach* Festival’s Acoustic Life Of Sheds project in August. It’ll be great to spend some time away from everything to make new music for a special occasion / special venue.

More info, ticket sales, etc here!

As well as all of the above, I’ve been enjoying sharing new ideas and old finds through my Patreon page. If you’re interested in my music and would like to hear more, there’s info here!

I’m presenting a fancy multi-camera, soundboard audio, ‘concert film’ style streaming show on 11th April. More info below, tickets here!

Andrew Tuttle presents a special ‘concert film’ online premiere of his acclaimed 2020 album ‘Alexandra’, from a September 2020 performance at The Tivoli in Brisbane.

This show, recorded with multiple cameras and interspersed with video footage, incorporates adaptations of works from ‘Alexandra’ and recreations of selected back catalogue favourites – performed on banjo, acoustic guitar and electronics.

The performance – a virtual celebration of both ‘Alexandra’ and this year’s ‘A Cassowary Apart’ (a collaboration with London avant-folksters Padang Food Tigers) will be screened on Sunday 11th April. Three separate showings will be available to suit most timezones – Australia/Asia (8pm Brisbane time), Europe/Africa (8pm Bilbao time) and the Americas (8pm Baltimore time); each with a live chat and merch table. 

This live stream will be hosted on Bandcamp, and requires a free Bandcamp fan account to view. A replay of this stream will be available for 24 hours.


Hope you’re all going great. I’ve really appreciated the interest in A Cassowary Apart, my new collaborative album with Padang Food Tigers on Bedroom Suck. It was such an enjoyable album to make and it is great to have it out in the world. There’s still a limited number of copies available via Bandcamp (also extremely limited physical stock of Alexandra and s/t).

For anyone who might be interested in keeping up to date with what I do as well as helping out financially, I’ve finally gotten around to getting a Patreon! $5AUD per month for exclusive music, archival finds, mixes etc.

Later this month I’ll be playing a show in Brisbane, presented by the wonderful Rusted Satellites program on 4ZZZ FM. It’s at Backbone and there’s presale tickets available if you like to be prepared / want to secure a place. There’s also a possibility of a Perth show at the end of the month, I’ll pop info on the live section of this site, patreon and on the socials as things firm up.

In the meantime, here’s video of my performance at Redland Performing Arts Centre last month – really enjoyed the show.

Thanks for reading!