Site Revisit: Clear Mountain

Andrew Tuttle – Site Revisit: Clear Mountain from Andrew Tuttle on Vimeo.


Location: Clear Mountain (Queensland, Australia)
Date: January 2018
Video: bush walks by day, hotel walks by night.
Audio: field recordings (recorded on phone) + snippet of previously unreleased piece Illusory Breakthroughs.
Render: 1280 x 720.m4v

In 2018 I’m releasing my third solo album and am planning on doing some touring around that, as well as some residencies, work travel and some holidays. As part of my touring, I’m working on developing an A/V live performance; and am enjoying playing around with lightly edited video in general.

This first video was created whilst on a little break to Clear Mountain, just outside Brisbane. It was great to spend a couple of days not checking emails/looking at screens – well aside from creating some video on bush walks and night walks around the hotel. Quickly did some editing and inserted some extra field recordings and other music, so here we are.


2017 reflections



Hello! Happy New Year! I’m really looking forward to sharing a new album with you all sometime later this year, to playing my music live to (hopefully!) as many of you as possible and to a really exciting and positive year in general for all of us!

A bit of frank honesty too to give all of the above some context and not to seem like some self-promotion automaton. At a fair few stages over the last year I managed to somehow both drastically over *and* under think about how and why I make music, which resulted in a lot of unnecessary tinkering and distraction that didn’t actually result in anything aside from self doubt and/or apathy. I realised (only belatedly and recently) that I’d mentally burned myself out on making music, to a point where for a while I was contemplating stopping playing live and releasing music altogether. There’s a creative confusion/relevance deprivation cycle that can get pretty vicious pretty quickly… Fortunately I’ve re-evaluated a lot of things about how and why I want to make music and share it; but for anyone else who has been in the same boat with music/interests/life/etc, know that you’ve got a pal in me.

So yeah! Happy 2018! I’m incredibly excited to share what I think is my best album to date (sure, it’s taken a while to get there!), a new live set that’s still a work in progress for now but is a big cut above what I’ve done previously and also to hear all of the other wonderful music from around the world this year! (despite my own musical struggles last year; 2017 was *not* lacking for amazing music, I was so damn inspired by so many wonderful albums and honoured to see so many amazing musicians live).

Okay, thanks for reading that. As a “reward” for your patience, check out the sneaky stream below of an early version of a piece that will be on the next album.

Mixtape 3



I’ve been finishing off a third album which will be out in 2018 – which I can’t wait to share with you all in the new year!

Mixtape 3 is *not* the new album.  Free / pay if you like download via bandcamp.

For this entirely unexpected edition of my ‘Mixtape’ series, I’m doing something a bit different! This one is all about getting some sleep. I made this entirely for my own purposes but after using it to get to sleep for a few nights thought I’d share it, in case it maybe helps you too?

Recently I’ve been noticing light pollution at night more than I ever have before, as well as trying to fall asleep with an active mind. So I thought I’d fully embrace the idea of ‘genre music’ to create some music to doze off to. To do this I went kind of silly playing around with some cheesy pads, delays and presets on the synthesiser; as well as incorporating some phone recordings of recent rain here in Brisbane.

It all came together really quickly one night a short while back, with the three tracks (all variants on the same theme/key/notes) created in one night, with a bit of subsequent mixing the next days to get the sleep/sound balance right.

Each track has been mixed at a slightly lower volume than the previous track, to hopefully slowly lull people to sleep.

Designed by be listened to at low volume, either on speakers or earphones.

Spring Break


Hello! Here’s a photo of me live at Sonic Masala Fest in Brisbane a few weeks back. It was a really fun day! It was also (most likely) my final show of the year. I’m taking a bit of time out to prepare both a new live set and a new album for a second quarter 2018 release and touring. More on all of that early next year! Thanks to everyone who came along to shows this year, had some great times. See you in 2018!

Sonic Masala FEST

Hello! Some more information on a couple of shows coming up in Brisbane in August. I don’t have anything booked after these two and I’m probably going to take the rest of the year off to finish my next album (again!) and to revamp my live set up from the Fantasy League era to some new sounds in 2018. (Of course, since I’ve typed this out in a public forum, there’ll be something that I can’t say no to, of course!)

I’m delighted to be playing at Sonic Masala’s annual festival on Saturday 19th August at Club Greenslopes. SM Fest is such an amazing day and it’s great to be back playing again! Heaps of great performers (including Blank Realm, Kellie Lloyd, Seja, Spirit Bunny, Shoeb Ahmad, Tape/Off, McKisko, Thigh Master and a lot more), for not heaps of money. Presales recommended! More info here.

Before that, I’m also playing a set at Brisbane Powerhouse on Sunday 6th August (this Sunday!). Free entry, 3:30pm. 45 minute set so I’ll be playing a slightly different too. More here!


I’m currently in Sydney, working on some music by the beach. Well, near the beach. It was my birthday two days ago, which was a nice time. I’ve got a few shows coming up over the next month and a half, which will be my last shows for a while, because I need to complete/learn/re-learn some new music and to let a few old works that I’d resurrected go back into the ether of memory. (Probably excepting the occasional long/multiple sets show, where the more music the better, hah)

  • 08.07.2017: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne. with Steve Gunn (USA) + Jess Ribeiro.
  • 26.07.2017: The Junk Bar, Brisbane. with Distant Fingers.
  • 06.08.2017: Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane.
  • 07.08.2017: Upper Partialism @ Backbone, Brisbane – postponed. 
  • 19.08.2017: Sonic Masala Festival @ Club Greenslopes, Brisbane. with Kellie Lloyd + Seja + Shoeb Ahmad + Spirit Bunny + Ultra Material + Microfiche + McKisko + Tape/Off + Thigh Master + heaps more.

Speaking of long shows though! Dark Mofo was heaps of fun. Witnessed a lot of great music and sound, caught up with a lot of friends, had a splendid time.

Here’s a photo of me playing a different space at Brisbane Powerhouse over two years ago. Embrace the future, soon!



Mixtape 2

So in late 2015 I released a limited edition set titled Mixtape 1, which was a collection of some collage tracks I created prior to creating my first ‘solo’ album, Slowcation.

I was planning on doing something similar each year, but time/full releases/etc got in the way… not a bad thing at all, but a thing nonetheless!

It took a while, but I’ve finally compiled together material for Mixtape 2, which is a set of outtakes and other music made between the recording process of Slowcation and my second album Fantasy League.

In other news, I’ve got a few shows coming up here, there and possibly everywhere in the next few months. Check the performances page for more info! Select Australian dates throughout the year and possibly a European trip or two in the next while?