Grantwriting Services

I provide a grant writing service for Australian musicians. Rates are reasonable and negotiable, understanding the unique financial pressures of being an independent creative practitioner. Negotiated rates take into account the grant applied for (preparation time, amount requested through funding), group size, and time frames.

This process includes initial discussions, planning and preparation, writing the response to criteria, assistance with preparing templates (for support/confirmation letters, tour itinerary template), assistance with support material collation (letters, itinerary, audio, video, bio, etc), budget assistance, travel arrangement support/booking/logistics, formatting/entering information into application, review and submission.

Past and present clients include:

  • Andrew Tuttle / Anonymeye
  • Dorsal Fins
  • Ella Thompson
  • Emma Russack
  • GL
  • Heinz Riegler
  • Higher Plains
  • Kate Carr
  • Luluc
  • Mistletone Records
  • Naysayer & Gilsun
  • New Weird Australia
  • Pearls
  • Rites Wild
  • Roku Music
  • Roland Tings
  • Role Model Artists
  • Saskwatch
  • Slum Sociable
  • The Harpoons
  • Tiny Little Houses

I have also presented grant writing workshops for clients including QMusic, Music Industry Inside Out, Unconvention, Creative Regions and Brisbane Fringe Festival.

Please email me [andrew attt andrewtuttle dott com dotnospam au] for more information.


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