Musician, events programmer/manager, writer, artsworker from Brisbane, Australia.

So, I’ve recently received back the masters for my first EP release; which I will be releasing independently in the next little while. In the meantime, here’s a bit of an audio treat – a couple of remixes I’ve done for good friends/Brisbane bands Feet Teeth and Oh Ye Denver Birds.

Also, take a look at the performances page – lots of upcoming shows around Australia, with more being added regularly.


Happy April, y’all! Have been enjoying 2013 and starting fresh… but I’m just ready to get out and about now!

I’ve been working on my live set up for upcoming touring, spending some time with Ross Bencina of Audiomulch to get the most out of the program. Back at home mapping MIDI parameters, playing guitar, my new synth, and probably should pick up the banjo too…

Also working on a couple of possible releases, including a series of songs that are currently being mixed by Lawrence English of ROOM40; and an edited version of the collage piece I created for 4ZZZ FM recently.