2020 – it has been a year

2020, what a year. It has been a massive change and a struggle, with so many unanticipated changes from way back in January.

I’d realised that I hadn’t posted for quite a while, so am wanting to make up for it with a little end of year post. There’s really so much to have been thankful for on the music front, the level of interest and support in ‘Alexandra’ and other endeavours has been truly heartwarming. I’ll update the bio / etc sections of the site with kind words said about the album, but here my thoughts are that – the opportunity to reacquaint with old friends and warm digital acquaintances over this year and music, and chat with new musical comrades has been the best thrill of creating, planning for and sharing an album with the world.

Given that I’ve been a little forgetful with posts here, in the immediate future, I’ve got collaborations with new friends Padang Food Tigers (LP/digital on Bedroom Suck, February) and a n t i t h e s i s (digital on Outlier, December) that I’ll share a bit about in due course, plans to record and mix more of my next full-length album and to have a proper break over the summer holidays.

Until 2021!

Thank you!

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