Site Revisit: Aulus-Les-Bains

Andrew Tuttle – Site Revisit – Aulus-les-Bains from Andrew Tuttle on Vimeo.

Hello! To celebrate the last days of September, I’ve made public a video that I created whilst in residence at CAMP in the French Pyrenees back in April. I wasn’t sure whether to share it, as it was a ‘time and place’ piece, but I’m really proud of how it turned out so watch and share?



Location: Aulus-Les-Bains (France)
Date: April 2018
Video: Aulus-Les-Bains (town, restaurant, CAMP, putt putt course) and Cascade d’Ars (waterfall)
Audio: Music created whilst in residence at CAMP ( and field recordings (recorded on Zoom h4n)
Render: 1280 x 720.m4v

I wrote, recorded and edited the music and video for this edition of ‘Site Revisit’ whilst doing a residency at CAMP ( from 4-8 April, 2018. The intention was to capture some of the compositional ideas that were coming to mind when in the French Pyrenees, capturing my own walking/hiking experiences, and a cheeky nod to some late night dance night parties that residents had.

Thanks to James and Sarah at CAMP, facilitator Eli Keszler, everyone else on the course and to Australia Council for the Arts for their funding contribution.


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