Site Revisit: Mount Coot-tha

Hello! Here’s the second of my Site Revisit series. I’ve been laying a bit low lately but things are pretty exciting coming up. Am off to Europe tomorrow for a short residency at CAMP in southern France, some news on a new album in a few weeks and some touring in May/June. In the meantime….

  • Location: Mount Coot-tha (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Date: March 2018
  • Video: Mount Coot-tha – summit, mahogany trail
  • Audio: field recordings (recorded on phone) + snippet of previously unreleased piece 20160509.
  • Render: 1280 x 720.m4v

In 2018 I’m releasing my third solo album and am planning on doing some touring around that, as well as some residencies, work travel and some holidays. As part of my touring, I’m working on developing an A/V live performance; and am enjoying playing around with lightly edited video in general.

The content for this second video was created ad hoc whilst doing a few hikes up Mount Coot-tha in Brisbane in March 2018, whilst trying to get myself ‘climb fit’ for an upcoming residency. Quickly did some editing and inserted some extra field recordings and other music, so here we are.


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