2017 reflections



Hello! Happy New Year! I’m really looking forward to sharing a new album with you all sometime later this year, to playing my music live to (hopefully!) as many of you as possible and to a really exciting and positive year in general for all of us!

A bit of frank honesty too to give all of the above some context and not to seem like some self-promotion automaton. At a fair few stages over the last year I managed to somehow both drastically over *and* under think about how and why I make music, which resulted in a lot of unnecessary tinkering and distraction that didn’t actually result in anything aside from self doubt and/or apathy. I realised (only belatedly and recently) that I’d mentally burned myself out on making music, to a point where for a while I was contemplating stopping playing live and releasing music altogether. There’s a creative confusion/relevance deprivation cycle that can get pretty vicious pretty quickly… Fortunately I’ve re-evaluated a lot of things about how and why I want to make music and share it; but for anyone else who has been in the same boat with music/interests/life/etc, know that you’ve got a pal in me.

So yeah! Happy 2018! I’m incredibly excited to share what I think is my best album to date (sure, it’s taken a while to get there!), a new live set that’s still a work in progress for now but is a big cut above what I’ve done previously and also to hear all of the other wonderful music from around the world this year! (despite my own musical struggles last year; 2017 was *not* lacking for amazing music, I was so damn inspired by so many wonderful albums and honoured to see so many amazing musicians live).

Okay, thanks for reading that. As a “reward” for your patience, check out the sneaky stream below of an early version of a piece that will be on the next album.

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