Mixtape 3



I’ve been finishing off a third album which will be out in 2018 – which I can’t wait to share with you all in the new year!

Mixtape 3 is *not* the new album.  Free / pay if you like download via bandcamp.

For this entirely unexpected edition of my ‘Mixtape’ series, I’m doing something a bit different! This one is all about getting some sleep. I made this entirely for my own purposes but after using it to get to sleep for a few nights thought I’d share it, in case it maybe helps you too?

Recently I’ve been noticing light pollution at night more than I ever have before, as well as trying to fall asleep with an active mind. So I thought I’d fully embrace the idea of ‘genre music’ to create some music to doze off to. To do this I went kind of silly playing around with some cheesy pads, delays and presets on the synthesiser; as well as incorporating some phone recordings of recent rain here in Brisbane.

It all came together really quickly one night a short while back, with the three tracks (all variants on the same theme/key/notes) created in one night, with a bit of subsequent mixing the next days to get the sleep/sound balance right.

Each track has been mixed at a slightly lower volume than the previous track, to hopefully slowly lull people to sleep.

Designed by be listened to at low volume, either on speakers or earphones.

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