Seasonal Adjustment

A few shows coming up in Brisbane in the coming weeks if you’re around.

  • Sun 28.08.2016: ÆTHER Sessions @ Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane. with Ghost Notes + Death Tourism + theseashallnothavethem. 7pm, $10. Facebook event.
  • Thu 01.09.2016: The Milk Factory, Brisbane. with Sensaround (Canberra) + Feet Teeth. Facebook event.
  • Wed 07.09.2016: BIGSOUND Festival, Brisbane. The Press Club stage, 8:10pm – 8:40pm. Tickets here. Also playing are 100% + A.D.K.O.B + Braille Face + Corin + FOREVR + GL + I Heart Hiroshima + KUČKA + Lucianblonkamp + Rainbow Chan + Rebel Yell + Sparkspitter + Telling + Terrible Truths + Thigh Master + Tiny Little Houses + ++++ more. Facebook event.

I’m also playing bass for an expanded five piece band of Future Shocks, the ‘obsolete software punk’ solo act of my friend Adam Scott (Undead Apes, Eat Laser Scumbag!, The Fancy Boys). Two shows only whilst Adam is back in Brisbane in between running a boutique hotel in Siem Reap. Details on the performances page of this here website.


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