I’ve got a new digital-only single, 177, on the wonderful American not-for-profit/’charity’ label Heligator Records.

Heligator Records exists to continuously fund the Malindza Refugee Camp Library in Mpaka, Swaziland. Every dollar donated goes to this cause.

Happy to donate ‘177’, a brand new track recorded recently, to the cause. The first guitar (and electronics) track I’ve done in a while! Available to download exclusively via Heligator’s bandcamp page.

Label single description below:

“In this synchronized swim between electronic and acoustic instrumentation, Andrew Tuttle is able to coax out the most sonorous elements of both – riding that golden mean where the two become indistinguishable. This isn’t cloud-based ambient music. Steel strings twang and diminish. Fingers press heavily on synthesizer keys. The fingerprints of mechanics are all over this. Rather, it is a deep tangle of roots. Tendrils weaving through city-funded concrete, finding and exploiting every crack to reach the virgin loam beneath. Deep below the city.

Andrew Tuttle – Brisbane, Australia – has been creating this interpretative electro-acoustic beauty under the name Anonymeye and his God-given one for quite some time. Splitting time between recording solo and with a whole host of collaborators (Matmos, Lawrence English, Mike Cooper, Heinz Riegler) and helping run Australia’s true great import of experimental music – Room40/A Guide to Saints, Tuttle’s affability and beautifully performed work have made him a true ambassador.

To claim a country as one’s own is a luxury, however, that an ever increasing population do not have. All proceeds from “177” go to the Malindza Refugee Camp Library where your enjoyment of great experimental music goes to continuously fund the library that serves over 400 refugees from all over Africa who have fled their native countries of Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, etc…due to war, famine and genocide. “


Now that the launches in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne are done and dusted, I’ve uploaded the full stream of Slowcation for anyone interested! Check out my bandcamp for more info.

Digital and physical editions available via the wonderful A Guide To Saints label at the Room40 store.

Thanks again to everyone involved with performances over the last few months, I’ve really been enjoying presenting works from the album, some even newer music and also some throwbacks! A massive #tuttythumbsup to Lawrence English/A Guide To Saints, the venues/promoters (Stu/Wolfpanther, Gail Priest, Adrian Marsh/Duskdarter, The Bearded Lady, 107 Projects, The Old Bar, Make It Up Club, Manor On Manning, Brisbane Powerhouse, Format, Ancient World), performers (including collaborators Early Universe) and punters who made it along to shows.

Coming up: a digital single for Heligator Records and finishing a new album! Some info in the next few months about some Europe travels in May 2016 as well.