Have been a bit quiet on the blog front lately. Managed to do a bit of a number on my shoulder so have been quiet the last week or so. Frustrating timing!

In September I was fortunate enough to travel to the USA for two weeks of mentoring, music making and attending festivals – will get around to doing a bit of a travel blog when I get the chance.

In show news, my old old old (PS, old) thrashy-surf-punk band Minesweeper will be playing our first show in approximately eight years on Saturday 1 November at Fat Louie’s in Brisbane. That is a long time. How long? Our ‘site‘ is a) myspace and b) we had a different name. We’re all in the same city/country for once so thought it would be fun to do. I play bass and don’t sing.

Also for anyone checking out this site for writing work, click here for more info.