Not much to report on this month. Still slowly making some new sounds. Have been to quite a few different kinds of live music events, ranging from the usual haunts to a few things outside the comfort zone – so all very exciting! Some of the many highlights this month include David Grubbs, Jonti, Chad Morgan, Underground Opera Company, Sezzo, Fatti Frances, No Magic, Queensland Symphony Orchestra – to name a few!

Am on a bit of a break from live performances until mid-October while I’m trying some new studio/live ideas here at home, busy at work, and will also be holiday for a couple of weeks in September.

In the meantime, I’ve also got a track on the new Vexed Axis compilation. Stream/free download via the below link!

A month since the last update? My my, time flies. In the last month or so I had a birthday, worked on some music, saw some sport. Good times all around.

The main project over the last month was working on a score for a short film by American director John Moody. It is a 10 minute exploration of Melbourne’s architecture in the CBD and is quite beautiful! Really enjoyed putting something together for it – a combination of new sounds and a few snippets from recent releases. I’ll let you know of future screenings as they occur.

Just the one show in July, a really enjoyable evening at the Unstable Landings bi-monthly event at The Bearded Lady in Brisbane’s West End. A rare banjo and guitar set!

In other news, I’ve got a couple of tracks (as well as two Anonymeye tracks and a very old Molliger track) on the preposterously outstanding BNE compilation from Brisbane label Trans:Com. This compilation + book is an incredibly elaborate undertaking and a wonderful look at the history of Brisbane electronic music.


I’ve been making a bit of music lately as well. Quite a bit, in fact. Preparing some new working methods in the studio, trying out some software, preparing for some exciting adventures in the next while… There’s been a lot of trial and error which has actually been really fun. I’m trying to get back into the habit of making more music and having it be a super enjoyable thing! Not that it ever hasn’t been – but sometimes can get caught up in things. Here’s a link to a private soundcloud stream of some of these ideas – 10 tracks, a minute sample each. Some of these are pretty frankly trash and I won’t be doing anything with them at all – but possibly interesting as a sketch.  Some of these I’ll flesh out more and put towards a release or something in the not too distant future. One of them features a guest, one of them is the loosest ‘cover’ of all time, there’s a few very obvious (to me) homages and so on. They’ll be up on soundcloud until they’re not anymore. Unfortunately ‘not anymore’ meant not at all – stupid browser closed when I was trying to upload it. Probably a sign from the zany world of the internet that uploading this stuff really isn’t necessary!