Happy mid-April!


I hope whoever reads this has been having a lovely month. I’ve been having a splendid time, working on some new solo music, making music with some other great people and all of that. A couple of shows coming up on the horizon too – more on those soon.


This is just a quick post – I saw just before that the excellent Heaps Decent organisation are doing a crowdfunding campaign. I’ve been thinking about finding great organisations/causes lately to donate digital sales to, and Heaps Decent are an absolute winner. So I’ll donate all sales from digital and physical from my Andrew Tuttle and Anonymeye bandcamp sites between now and 19 May to Heaps Decent, and will also match it. If it works out best to donate it through the Pozible campaign I’ll do it that way, or if it is best to do it direct I’ll do it that way. Either way, I’m not expecting much money from back catalogue at any given time, but I’d like to even just give this little bit that may come through to help Heaps Decent continue with their excellent program. So yeah, either download some music or of course feel free to bypass me and go straight through Pozible or the Heaps Decent site – whatever works best for you!



New musicBickLack. An archival collage style ‘mixtape’ of audio snippets, improvisations and unreleased edits recorded in early 2013. All audio previously unreleased.

This BickLack mixtape is an edited version of an hour long piece created for Zed Digital’s (4ZZZ FM) ‘Back Lick’ program in March 2013. Recorded at Wilden St, January-March 2013.

released 13 April 2014

Andrew Tuttle: computer, synthesiser, banjo, acoustic guitar.photograph by Andrew Tuttle, Brisbane Airport (general aviation terminal).