Next show

Hey February, you’re so fine, you’re so fine in summer time. Hey February!

Been working on a few new tracks over the last couple of weeks, some new ideas and directions in there.

In the next week or two, there’s a bit of live and other activity.

First cab off the rank, I’ve contributed a soundtrack for FBI Radio’s excellent Ears Have Ears program. My soundtrack, titled 4064, rezoned; will be broadcast on Thursday 27 February between 9-11pm (AEDT). Stream outside Sydney, on your radio in Sydney!


Next live show is in Brisbane on Saturday 1 March at The Waiting Room. I’m one of the supports for Bremen Town Musician‘s launch for the excellent new album Echo Dust Is All That’s Left Of Us (being released on Duskdarter). More details here.




I’m also appearing on a track (The Radio, The Disco) on the new Bremen Town Musician album – lovely to work with Marisa again! I contributed some guitar, electronics and processed vocals (!) to the track.


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