Andrew Tuttle

2013 in review


Wow, what a busy year! I’m going to be hibernating/sweltering for a few weeks, so thought I’d sneak the end of year wrap up in now. It has been an exciting year for me musically, finishing up my Anonymeye project after eight years and going under my own name. Since then, I’ve released a debut EP (4064), a spin-off remix EP (Brisbane, Rezoned) and toured around Australia. Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive!

EDIT – completely forgot to mention I’ve got a track (Brisbane) in the voting list in 4ZZZ FM‘s Hot 100. Lots to vote for, so have a look here! There’s also an Anonymeye track from the Six Improvisations for Computer and Guitar EP I released on Twice Removed last year.

Being end of year time, here’s some of the many recordings/gigs I enjoyed this year. Not at all comprehensive, but a start! I’ll probably keep adding as I keep remembering them! (which I have been doing…)



I also was asked by The City Sounds to give a quick top five of my favourite Brisbane songs for 2013. Here it is!

So, with all of that out of the way… 2014 is coming up! After a few weeks rest, will be back into it in mid-January. First show in 2014 is in Melbourne on 19 January, supporting Matmos from the USA. Really looking forward to that one! More info here. A few other shows here and there in the first few months of next year as well, quite probably. Sydney late March? A new cassette release, titled Infinite Spring, will be out on A Guide To Saints in March or so; I’ve also contributed a track to a new digital compilation from Duskdarter which will be out early new year is out now!