Another one of those quiet/not quiet months. Since last time, I have…

  • Performed for Cassette Project, a project by Brisbane artist Danny Ford exploring live re-contextualisations of performances. I did a Cassette Project in late October with Danny at the helm, and collaborators White Palms and Estee Laudanum. Long story short, one person plays live, two others rework that set live. Listeners can listen to the live set on the PA, or the rework sets on headphones. All being dubbed live to cassette. Danny describes it way better, so check out the site. Heaps of documentation here. A really enjoyable and creatively validating experience too. Great to be able to play around with the sounds of two great musicians/producers, and fun to hear back what the others did to my set. Also really enjoyed my own set, bonus.
  • A couple of nights later I performed at Black Bear Lodge in support of Marihiko Hara (Japan) and Maputo for the launch of the Memoirs label, run by the folks at Sydney’s excellent The General Store gallery. Torrential rain and a Tuesday night in Brisbane meant for a quiet show… but worth it for those who came along!
  • A few nights ago I performed as part of Ben Thompson’s Melody Beat series. Another interesting one involving collaborations… this show had five sets all bleed into each other, with 5 mins crossover between each act. Really interesting concept, and great execution! A few tech problems with my set (after a great soundcheck, dang!) but all cool in the end. Due to some stupid wrist pains which still aren’t quite right, played with no stringed instruments, which was enjoyable too.

So that’s the last month done. Aside from a very busy (and still going for a few weeks) end of year grant writing season, and a whole lot of cricket watching.

One more live performance this year, and one in January too… VERY excited about both. Will have more info on those soon! Trying some new things, playing some great venues.

Also will have some news on new collaborations, compilations and releases sooner rather than later too…