Howdy hi

Seems like a slow news month, but I guess it hasn’t been looking back. Weird! As per the posts below, I recorded some improvised tracks with Feet Teeth earlier this month, released two tracks on compilations, and played a show with Prince Rama from the USA last week. Coming up over the next few days is a live recording session for the ongoing Cassette Project series, and a live show in Brisbane. Really looking forward to this show, supporting Marihiko Hara from Japan and Maputo from Portugal/Sydney for the launch of the Memoirs label/touring series. Ben from Memoirs also runs The General Store gallery in Sydney which I’ve enjoyed playing previous. Also supporting is Mooshim from Brisbane (including Paul from Feet Teeth – see this post turned out nicely!). More info here.


After this month, I think there’s just the one more show for the year at this point, and then time to finish off other projects and get to work on some holiday time and an album!



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