Excited to announce a new digital-only EP, Brisbane Rezoned. Info below, download link above!

On Brisbane, Australia based musician Andrew Tuttle‘s latest EP Brisbane, Rezoned, six producers and performers take on the task of creative de-construction and re-construction. Using the source material of Tuttle’s track Brisbane, from his 2013 EP release 4064, the project collaborators each found innovative and engaging means of re-interpreting the original work (included as the opening track on the EP).

Brisbane, Rezoned covers a broad sonic spectrum, re-inventing Tuttle’s frenetic banjo and synthesis vision of Brisbane. These Guy‘s remix envisions the original through a crowded electronic lens – pop form, beats, vocals and all; whereas Heinz Riegler‘s ‘Nervous’ remix hints at the eerie quiet of a late night walk or peak hour drive in the inner suburbs. Pale Earth‘s Brisbane is of a processed, claustrophobic and dystopian future that nonetheless has a beautiful sub-tropical core; which serves as a perfect counter-point to Bong YZA‘s sample-happy and languid contribution, summarising the hopes, dreams and tension of a city conversing in back porches and beer gardens. PAWRLSOL concludes the EP with with a haunting and slow-burning contribution melding digital detritus and synthesis.

As a happy coincidence, each artist on this EP to an extent shares a common geographical thread, having lived in (and just as often out of) Brisbane at one point or another.


released 04 September 2013
Track 1: Originally on Andrew Tuttle – 4064 EP (andrewtuttle.bandcamp.com/album/4064). Recorded by Andrew Tuttle and Joe Panetta (Wavelength Recording). Mixed and mastered by Lawrence English.

Track 2: Re-worked by These Guy (theseguy.bandcamp.com)

Track 3: Re-worked by Heinz Riegler (www.heinzriegler.com)

Track 4: Re-worked by Pale Earth (paleearth.bandcamp.com)

Track 5: Re-worked by Bong Yza (www.facebook.com/BongYza)

Track 6: Re-worked by PAWRLSOL (pawrlsol.bandcamp.com)