Can’t remember if I already mentioned this one, but I’ll be doing a small private press retrospective LP for my previous project Anonymeye. This will be the first/only Anonymeye recording on LP, and will feature six tracks – album tracks, b-sides and an exclusive track. This LP will be pre-order only, in an edition of approximately 25-30 copies… so jump in?

Hi! So I have been on and off and on and off and home and away and home and away and so on since May this year… traveling around Australia playing shows, doing workshops, and chatting to people thanks to the Australia Council for the Arts.

I was fortunate enough to perform at so many events, irregular nights and venues; hosted by so many wonderful people. I was fortunate enough to hear and see so many wonderful sounds of so many genres. I was fortunate to have a pretty smooth trip, meet lots of old and new friends, and have very patient girlfriend, family, and friends at home. I was fortunate to… you get the point!

What an amazing adventure! Back at home now, taking some time off to recharge the life batteries before I unpack my gear and work on new sounds.

Throughout the trip I worked on a giant (!) ‘tour diary, and have included some video, audio, photos, links, etc. Have a read (it is a bit tl;dr – sorry!) here! If you’ve got any additional content, let me know!

August now, a weekend or two at home to work on freelance work, and watching the Ashes.

4064 tour is finishing up soon, with a run of shows in NSW and ACT from 14-17 August – more info here.

At the end of this trip I’ll be doing a big tour diary with words, audio, video, and so on… in the meantime here’s some audio of my set in Hobart from late July.

There’s also a heap of video (some interesting, some not) on my vine/twitter.

At the end of the tour I’ll also be releasing Brisbane – Rezoned, a digital EP of reworks of my track Brisbane from 4064. Tracks in so far from Pale Earth, PAWRSLOL (from Big Dead) and These Guy, with a few more to come!