So at the end of this tour I’m going to upload a giant ‘tour diary’, featuring words, video, and some music. In the meantime, sporadic updates. Darwin was amazing. So nice to have a weekend of almost pure relaxation. Got the gig out of the way, had all my grant writing work done well in advance, zoned out and had a holiday.

This weekend I’m covering a lot of ground to go to two great locations. Always happy to visit Cairns, as I’ve got lots of family there. My first time playing music up there though, looking forward to it! After that, the polar opposite of warmth, heading down to Hobart for another great gig, really looking forward to that show too.

Otherwise, I’ve received another great remix of my track Brisbane from PAWRSLOL from South-East Queensland. Well worth checking out!

I’ve got a remix I did for Big Dead coming out very soon, and also a guest spot on the new Bremen Town Musician album out later this year.

In other news, I’m super sad not to be playing any more shows with the excellent Brain Drain before he leaves old home Brisbane for new home Buffalo for world domination. HOWEVER I/Micronations have organised this really awesome show in Brisbane on Saturday 3 August with Brain Drain + Sacred Flower Union (Perth – awesome music, great guy) + X in O (Katie Martin from ace bands like Brainbeau, STAG and way more!).

Anyway, that is enough, isn’t it?!

Thanks heaps!




I am going to be in Darwin in just under a week, playing at Happy Yess with the delightful Kris Keogh. I haven’t been to Darwin since I was 5, back in 1989, so it will be a great one. Looking forward to playing some music and having a holiday!