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Hi Tumbleweeds!


Have been a bit quiet on the blog front lately. Managed to do a bit of a number on my shoulder so have been quiet the last week or so. Frustrating timing!

In September I was fortunate enough to travel to the USA for two weeks of mentoring, music making and attending festivals – will get around to doing a bit of a travel blog when I get the chance.

In show news, my old old old (PS, old) thrashy-surf-punk band Minesweeper will be playing our first show in approximately eight years on Saturday 1 November at Fat Louie’s in Brisbane. That is a long time. How long? Our ‘site‘ is a) myspace and b) we had a different name. We’re all in the same city/country for once so thought it would be fun to do. I play bass and don’t sing.

Also for anyone checking out this site for writing work, click here for more info.

Vexed Axis, Volume Six

Not much to report on this month. Still slowly making some new sounds. Have been to quite a few different kinds of live music events, ranging from the usual haunts to a few things outside the comfort zone – so all very exciting! Some of the many highlights this month include David Grubbs, Jonti, Chad Morgan, Underground Opera Company, Sezzo, Fatti Frances, No Magic, Queensland Symphony Orchestra – to name a few!

Am on a bit of a break from live performances until mid-October while I’m trying some new studio/live ideas here at home, busy at work, and will also be holiday for a couple of weeks in September.

In the meantime, I’ve also got a track on the new Vexed Axis compilation. Stream/free download via the below link!

August, no gloop

A month since the last update? My my, time flies. In the last month or so I had a birthday, worked on some music, saw some sport. Good times all around.

The main project over the last month was working on a score for a short film by American director John Moody. It is a 10 minute exploration of Melbourne’s architecture in the CBD and is quite beautiful! Really enjoyed putting something together for it – a combination of new sounds and a few snippets from recent releases. I’ll let you know of future screenings as they occur.

Just the one show in July, a really enjoyable evening at the Unstable Landings bi-monthly event at The Bearded Lady in Brisbane’s West End. A rare banjo and guitar set!

In other news, I’ve got a couple of tracks (as well as two Anonymeye tracks and a very old Molliger track) on the preposterously outstanding BNE compilation from Brisbane label Trans:Com. This compilation + book is an incredibly elaborate undertaking and a wonderful look at the history of Brisbane electronic music.


I’ve been making a bit of music lately as well. Quite a bit, in fact. Preparing some new working methods in the studio, trying out some software, preparing for some exciting adventures in the next while… There’s been a lot of trial and error which has actually been really fun. I’m trying to get back into the habit of making more music and having it be a super enjoyable thing! Not that it ever hasn’t been – but sometimes can get caught up in things. Here’s a link to a private soundcloud stream of some of these ideas – 10 tracks, a minute sample each. Some of these are pretty frankly trash and I won’t be doing anything with them at all – but possibly interesting as a sketch.  Some of these I’ll flesh out more and put towards a release or something in the not too distant future. One of them features a guest, one of them is the loosest ‘cover’ of all time, there’s a few very obvious (to me) homages and so on. They’ll be up on soundcloud until they’re not anymore. Unfortunately ‘not anymore’ meant not at all – stupid browser closed when I was trying to upload it. Probably a sign from the zany world of the internet that uploading this stuff really isn’t necessary!

2014 highlights so far!

Hey happy new financial years eve, internet! Time for the official #tuttythumbsup halfway through 2014 list of my favourite albums/other releases/live gigs that I’ve heard/seen this year so far. There’s *heaps* of things I haven’t caught up on but all of these are thoroughly recommended.


Blank Realm – Grassed Inn (BSR/Fire)
Charlie Parr – Hollandale (Chaperone)
Clipping. – CLPPNG (SubPop)
Ela Stiles – Ela Stiles (Bedroom Suck)
Fennesz – Becs (Editions Mego)
Simon James Phillips – Chair (Room40)
The Soft Pink Truth – Why Do The Heathen Rage? (Thrill Jockey)
Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper – FRKWYS Vol. 11: Cantos de Lisboa (RVNG Intl)
Total Life – Burner (Cassauna)

honourable mentions to aheadphonehome, John Chantler, Mattin, Scraps, Tim Shiel, You Beauty and *heaps* more!


Frank Fairfield – Duncan & Brady (Third Man)
Gardland – Improvisations (RVNG Intl)
Holly Herndon – Chorus (RVNG Intl)
Horse Lords – Mixtape Vol. 3 (independent)
William Tyler – Lost Colony (Merge)

honourable mentions to Austin Buckett, Brainbeau, Brain Drain, Collarbones, These Guy, Tincture and more!

Live shows:

Matmos @ Sydney Festival / MONA FOMA / Howler, January
Danny Brown @ Laneway Festival, January
Screaming Match @ Trainspotters, March
Hether @ The New Globe Theatre, April
Sonic Masala Fest @ Club Greenslopes, June

honourable mentions to Donny Benet, Lee Ranaldo, Robin Fox, Dolly Parton, Scattered Order, Ela Stiles, Scraps and more!

Sonic Masala festival!

Happy June!

One show coming up this month. My last show before I turn 30. How milestone-y is that?! It is the inaugural festival for Sonic Masala, an excellent Brisbane-based blog/label/promoter. The lineup is fantastic – a great mix of Australian music! I’m super excited to see a lot of music at this and also to play – highly recommended. Event info is here and poster is below.

sonic masala fest_poster-01

As a bit of promo for Sonic Masala fest, the good folks at themusic put me in the Brisbane edition of the magazine last week. Great to use this photoshoot we did last year – thanks to Steve Bell and Terry Soo!


On a perfect day, my set would have a similar flow to BickLack, a digital mixtape I recently released on time. Have a listen/download via the link below!

In other news, there’s some other super exciting news that I can’t announce yet but can in a week or two. Lips are sealed until then but it’ll be worth it!

Heaps Decent!

Happy mid-April!


I hope whoever reads this has been having a lovely month. I’ve been having a splendid time, working on some new solo music, making music with some other great people and all of that. A couple of shows coming up on the horizon too – more on those soon.


This is just a quick post – I saw just before that the excellent Heaps Decent organisation are doing a crowdfunding campaign. I’ve been thinking about finding great organisations/causes lately to donate digital sales to, and Heaps Decent are an absolute winner. So I’ll donate all sales from digital and physical from my Andrew Tuttle and Anonymeye bandcamp sites between now and 19 May to Heaps Decent, and will also match it. If it works out best to donate it through the Pozible campaign I’ll do it that way, or if it is best to do it direct I’ll do it that way. Either way, I’m not expecting much money from back catalogue at any given time, but I’d like to even just give this little bit that may come through to help Heaps Decent continue with their excellent program. So yeah, either download some music or of course feel free to bypass me and go straight through Pozible or the Heaps Decent site – whatever works best for you!



New music – ‘BickLack’ mixtape

New musicBickLack. An archival collage style ‘mixtape’ of audio snippets, improvisations and unreleased edits recorded in early 2013. All audio previously unreleased.

This BickLack mixtape is an edited version of an hour long piece created for Zed Digital’s (4ZZZ FM) ‘Back Lick’ program in March 2013. Recorded at Wilden St, January-March 2013.

released 13 April 2014

Andrew Tuttle: computer, synthesiser, banjo, acoustic guitar.photograph by Andrew Tuttle, Brisbane Airport (general aviation terminal).

New music – 4064, Rezoned


4064, Rezoned; a retrospective exploration of Brisbane musician Andrew Tuttle’s 2013 releases 4064 and Brisbane, Rezoned and of a comprehensive Australian tour in May-August 2013; focuses on summer magic, domestic bliss, intense subtropical storms, and a sense of relief in the home. 4064, Rezoned features improvisations and compositions performed by Tuttle on computer, synthesiser and acoustic guitar; as well as field recordings taken on public transport, neighbourhood walks, and airport lounges around Australia.

4064, Rezoned is based on a commission by Darwin based creative producer Britt Guy for the Cross Stitch – Thunderbox series and performed live over two nights at Brisbane’s Metro Arts in December 2013. This one-take version of 4064, Rezoned was recorded in February 2014 exclusively for the Ears Have Ears program on Sydney, Australia’s FBi radio.

March mania!

Last night I played my first show in Brisbane this year at The Waiting Room, as one of the supports for the Bremen Town Musician album launch. A really enjoyable night of music, with great sets from Bremen Town Musician, Secret Black and Cedie Janson. Had a good time playing, incorporating some new ideas and a re-work of some music I contributed towards the new Bremen Town musician album. Thanks to all!

Next up, in a couple of weeks, is an all-vinyl DJ set with Brendan Telford (Sonic Masala) as part of the excellent Friday Slow Down series at Bleeding Heart Gallery in Brisbane. Free entry, perfect way to start the weekend. Even better, all your (well priced) drinks and food money goes towards charity. Hooray! Brendan and I will go back and forth playing a bunch of music that is interesting *and* palatable – I better leave the novelty records and noise albums at home.

Obviously this narrows down things a little. Did you know I have a bandcamp site where you can pay for my music so I can buy records to play in public? Sure you did. Here’s a 2014 reminder!


Next show

Hey February, you’re so fine, you’re so fine in summer time. Hey February!

Been working on a few new tracks over the last couple of weeks, some new ideas and directions in there.

In the next week or two, there’s a bit of live and other activity.

First cab off the rank, I’ve contributed a soundtrack for FBI Radio’s excellent Ears Have Ears program. My soundtrack, titled 4064, rezoned; will be broadcast on Thursday 27 February between 9-11pm (AEDT). Stream outside Sydney, on your radio in Sydney!


Next live show is in Brisbane on Saturday 1 March at The Waiting Room. I’m one of the supports for Bremen Town Musician‘s launch for the excellent new album Echo Dust Is All That’s Left Of Us (being released on Duskdarter). More details here.




I’m also appearing on a track (The Radio, The Disco) on the new Bremen Town Musician album – lovely to work with Marisa again! I contributed some guitar, electronics and processed vocals (!) to the track.


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